PFAU XIII - TU Wien - The Austrian User Group of OpenFOAM®


  • Date: Nov. 15, 2016 (Tuesday)
  • Time: 10:00 - 16:30
  • Hosting organization: TU Wien, Institute of Chemical Engineering
  • Address: 1060 Wien, Getreidemarkt 9/BA
  • Place: “Plus-Energie-Hochhaus” (former Chemiehochhaus)
  • Room: Lecture room BA02B (2nd floor)

Program (final)

The full presentations (if provided) given at the meeting will be sent to the participants by email only.

OpenFOAM® applications

  1. Jozsef Nagy (JKU): Optimization of the injection molding process in OpenFOAM® - AbstractXIII-1
  2. Bahram Haddadi (TUW): Packed beds with AdsorpFOAM - AbstractXIII-2
  3. Markus Bösenhofer (TUW): Turbulent Combustion and Developments In OpenFOAM® - AbstractXIII-3
  4. Mirza Popovac (AIT): Modeling Refrigerant Flow Evaporation in a Plate Heat Exchanger Using OpenFOAM® - AbstractXIII-4
  5. Tobias Holzmann (MUL): Open Source C++ LASER Boundary Condition with Linear and Circular Spot Motion and Additional Heat-Transfer - AbstractXIII-5
  6. Bernhard F.W. Gschaider (HFD Research Gmbh): “Bernhards usual swak/PyFoam ‘Jada Jada’” - AbstractXIII-6
  7. Federico Municchi (TUG): Fictitious Domain and Immersed Boundary methods in OpenFOAM® - AbstractXIII-7
  8. Alexander Vakhrushev (MUL): Current process in continuous casting modeling with OpenFOAM® - AbstractXIII-8
  9. David Winkler (ICON CFD): Dynamic hexahedral remeshing and flow solving - AbstractXIII-9

Special (Teaching & OpenFOAM future)

  1. Jozsef Nagy (JKU): ONE OpenFOAM®/Tutorialsammlung - AbstractXIII-10

To participate

Please email to christian.jordan (at) - including the title & abstract of your talk if you intend to present.

Of course we are also looking for topics to be discussed in the afternoon session(s) - one key topic will be “Teaching OpenFOAM”.

Additional infos

Deadline for addition to the official program: Nov. 4, 2016.

Snacks for the breaks & Lunch will be provided by TU Wien.

All visitors & contributors are warmly welcome - please forward this invitation to others if they do not receive the list emails.

Further updates and the final program will be published on and


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